Welcome to the Nail Art revolution.

Revolutionise the cosmetic world.

  • The only Nail Art Kiosk with bespoke HP printing
  • The only Nail Art Kiosk with Tritron Speciality Ink
  • Compliant with all major health regulatory bodies.
  • The only Nail Art Kiosk built by Tensator.

The FINGERNAILS2GO Kiosk delivers:

  • Unlimited design opportunities
  • On screen advertising opportunities
  • Fast return on investment
  • Create excitement at the location
  • Supporting the pink ribbon foundation with every kiosk and printing sale.

The kiosk is suitable for nearly any location you can think about ranging from shopping malls , transport hubs , retail outlets and many more. If you want a single kiosk for your business premises or to distribute multiple kiosks in an agreed area, we are open for business.


Have a look at the HP video on our kiosk!

FINGERNAILS2GO Kiosks will not only create excitement they will increase the time people spend at the location. You or your customers will be able to sell both nail art, and other products as more people come in to discover FINGERNAILS2GO.

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