Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

Fingernails2Go have worked with HP and NewVision to manufacture the world’s first cosmetically compliant nail art printer.  Customers can pick from a library of designs, or upload their own images or even a selfie and have them printed onto natural or artificial nails.

How long does the process take?

For natural nails, the finger needs to be prepared with a base coat, and Fingernails2Go’s special primer.  This ensures the image adheres to the nail.  The printing only takes 2-3 seconds, and for sets of artificial nails, a little longer.  A layer of clear polish is then applied to protect the image.

How long do the nails last?

The longevity of the prints is dependant on the product used.  For prints finished with a varnish topcoat, the expected duration is 3-5 days.  If a gel topcoat is used this can be extended to 10-14 days, although both of these are dependant on lifestyle (e.g. lots of manual working, washing etc. will affect duration) and we recommend only using Fingernails2Go products.

How many designs are there to choose from?

The possibilities are endless.  There are hundred’s of pre-loaded designs on the devices, with options to change the tone or mask of each design.  We also release new designs and seasonal packages that can be uploaded directly to the printers.  Customers can also use the Fingernails2Go app to upload patterns and designs from their phones, and we regularly update our online library.

Can I change, add to or edit the nail library?

You can upload your own designs using the Fingernails2Go app, available for iOS or Android.  The app allows for customers and operators to upload photos or images from their device, or choose images from the same library of designs as is already on the kiosk.

Can I print my own photos?

Yes! Please note though, that the print quality is dependant on the quality of the photo.

How can I remove the nail art?

Nail polish remover and a cotton pad, as if removing normal nail polish.

Is it safe?

Yes! Fingernails2Go uses cosmetically regulated products along with advanced safety mechanisms with our products to ensure everything is 100% safe and compliant.

Is this a franchise?

No.  This is not a franchise.  Fingernails2Go do not look for on-going royalties, fees or other charges.

How do I get started?

Complete the enquiry form here and a member of our team will get in touch to share any information you may require.

What training or support do I get?

Upon purchase of a Fingernails2Go device, owners will gain access to our members section where they will have access to manuals, guides, videos and more to ensure you get the most from your nail art printer.

How do I track sales?

The products software includes a maintenance/overview section reserved for the operators.  This allows the operators to look at things like individual transactions, sales periods, ink levels and much more.

How do I know if I need to order more stock?

Ink levels are tracked in the maintenance section of the products, while other stock will need to be monitored individually.  We would recommend you place a refill ink order when the ink level is at around 20% to allow for 4 working days delivery.

Can you help me with choosing a location?

We find that nobody knows there region better than you, but we are happy to support in sourcing a location.

Will it work on my own nails (gels, acrylics etc.)?

As long as you use the Fingernails2Go primer, you can have your prints printed onto lacquer nail polish, acrylics, gels or gelish.

Where can I see them in action?

Check out our blog for details of new locations, events and more, or you are welcome to visit our training centres in Lisbon or our Belfast offices for a full demonstration.

How do I get more designs?

Fingernails2Go’s team of designers create exclusive seasonal designs released to our operators via our members section of the website.

Can I sell the artificial nails online?

No. Fingernails2Go encourages interacting directly with the customer.

How do I order stock?

Contact us through the website to complete an order form.

How are you able to take payment?

Bank transfer or Credit Card.

Can it print single colours?


Can I use my own polishes or only FN2G products?

We have tested out products to offer the highest quality image.  To maintain your warranty, please only use Fingernails2Go approved products.

Are there finance options available?

In some cases, finance options may be available from approved distributors.

Is there a repair service?

12 month warranty is available and must be activated within 5 working days of purchase.  Activate your warranty here.

Do you help with marketing?

After product registration, you will gain access to marketing materials.

Can I see the manufacturing facility?

Of course.  We regularly host open days for prospective clients to visit our manufacturer in Lisbon.  Contact us for more details.

How many do I need to secure a region?

Please contact us directly.

Will my photos be stored or used by a third party?

No, Fingernails2Go or any other third party does not store, use or otherwise distribute any images sent by users to any of our products. They are deleted from the system during the print process.

What about cheaper nail art printers I see online?

As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice. Carefully consider whether you want a professional, high-quality product, manufactured in conjunction with market leaders, or cheaper technology that does not match with our understanding of quality.

Ask yourself:

  • What happens when something doesn’t go as expected?

  • What if you need spare-parts?

  • What if your software suddenly stops receiving updates?

  • What if you really need some help?

  • What if your results are not as expected?

Most customers with these other printers find out the hard way why they were so cheap to begin with, and with no support, no hope of repairs, and no revenue being generated, they eventually reach a dead end with a printer gathering dust in the basement. You want the best for your business so why buy anything but the world’s best nail art printer?


Is it portable?

No, for a lightweight, portable alternative, check out our Countertop here.

Can it be unattended?

The Fingernails2Go nail art kiosk performs best when attended.  Not only does it ensure that customers receive a high quality finished product, but it also draws in custom.

What size is the screen?

19 inches.

How is it shipped?

Due to its weight, the freestanding kiosk has to be shipped as freight.  We can help with your arrangements with your nominated shipper.

Where can I get a stand to go with the unit?

We do not supply stands for the kiosk, these need to be sourced independently by individual operators in their destination countries and we can help by sharing what others have produced.

What is the expected life of the product?

5-7 years.

What sort of warranty will I have on purchase?

There is a 12 month warranty available and activated when you register your product within 5 days of purchase.

What is included with the kiosk?

An IEC Power cable, window poster, setup instructions and one set of ink cartridges.  For additional stock, place an order using our order form, and for prices, please contact us for more details.


Is it portable?

Yes, very much.  See the specification sheet here for weight and dimensions.

What tablet comes with the unit?

There is a 10″ custom spec touchscreen tablet that has been specially designed for Fingernails2Go.

Can I use my phone/iPad with it?

Yes.  The Fingernails2Go app is available for both iOS and Android and can be used with both freestanding and countertop versions. Please note a local wifi network is required to connect the units to the internet

How is it shipped?

We offer DHL shipping as standard.  Please contact us about your order and P&P quote.

Does this have all the same functions as the freestanding?


What is the life expectancy of the Countertop?

5-7 years.

Do I need internet connection?

No.  An internet connection is preferred, as it will allow you access to the newest designs, software updates etc, but for regions where there may not be easy access, the system will work without a connection.

What sort of warranty will I have on purchase?

There is a 12 month warranty available and activated when you register your product within 5 days of purchase.

What is included with the countertop?

An IEC Power cable, an Android tablet with charger and one set of ink cartridges.  For additional stock please place an order using our order form.