How to Strengthen Your Nails

How To Strengthen Your Nails? Having stronger, healthy nails is great, but sometimes our nails could do with a bit of help. The news is that you can change your lifestyles and your eating [...]

How To Choose Nails To Match Your Personality?

Having your style in everything you do, wear, eat or try out is natural. But knowing which style suits you more and which one is just to let go of is something you need to work on. Having fun [...]

Top Summer Nail Trends

Top Summer Nail Trends Summer is upon us, and it’s all about flaunting your manicures at the pool and the beach this season! However, you probably don’t even know where to start with your nails, [...]

The ultimate nail care guide We look at our hands every day, every hour likely. Therefore, knowing how to care for your nails is more important than you might give it credit. There is nothing [...]

The Top Nail Art Trends of 2021

People have been decorating their nails since the beginning of the human race. Trends and designs have evolved since, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s cute and what’s out of style. [...]

Announcement: Ireland Distributor

Fingernails2Go is delighted to announce their presence in the Irish market with the launch of an exclusive distribution agreement with Millcregg. These new partners have agents on the road, [...]

Fingernails2Go: Introducing Your New Nail Artist

A special shout out to @beautyhacks4all for this great write up on our exciting new product. Read the full post HERE Finally, we are here with an amazing Nail art innovation. Today’s post is [...]

Are you bold enough to take on the NEON trend this SS19

Neutral mixed with vibrant and zesty If you are brave enough to take on neons this spring/summer please light up the way!  Across all runways we are seeing neon colours being combined with [...]

Fingernails2Go launches in the Middle East!

Our kiosks have reached a new destination – Saudi Arabia! We are happy to announce that Fingernails2Go have launched in the Middle East and are now live in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.  We are [...]

K-beauty Skincare Masterclass

Korean Skincare Routine Explained Thirst For Korean’s “Glass Skin” The Koreans sure do have their skincare regime down to a tee so we’re borrowing their tips to a flawless [...]