Last Minute Valentines Day Outfits

Panic Diverted! As much as we love love, chocolates, date nights and all the other sweet things that come with Valentines Day, the pressure of trying to throw together an outfit for the occasion [...]

How To Remove Gel Nails

7 Easy Steps On How To Best Remove Gel Nails. Never pick/peel the gel off!  This will only damage the surface of the natural nail more! Step 1 – Get the right tools What you will need: 10 [...]

Now Live in Nairobi City, Kenya!

We are excited to announce that Fingernails2Go have a new team in Africa for the first time!   Fingernails2Go is becoming a worldwide brand and with the market for nail art still growing rapidly [...]

Partnership Announcement With Small Technology!

Fingernails2Go are excited to announce our new partnership with Small Technology, one of the TAJ Group of Companies.  Together we have big plans for 2019, bringing the Fingernails2Go Digital Nail [...]

Exciting news from Fingernails2Go & Nail Kiosks Ltd

Fingernails2Go are proud to announce that our UK distributor, Nail Kiosks Ltd, is launching 17 new sites over the next 12 weeks up and down the country, from Glasgow to London, after a successful [...]

Manchester Arndale with Fingernails2Go – The Update!

Fingernails2Go is back in the Manchester Arndale for another look at Raaven Ltd, and the amazing work Airyn and Rick from Raaven Ltd are doing in conjunction with our UK distributors, Nail Kiosks Ltd.

Fingernails2Go Launches in Arndale Manchester

  On Saturday 8th April Fingernails2Go was proud to join UK distributors Nail Kiosks Ltd. and UK Operators Raaven Ltd. at Arndale Shopping Centre in Manchester for the launch of the UK’s [...]

Fingernails2GO visits SocialCityLDN

This week the Fingernails2GO brand travelled to the SocialCityLDN event in Nuffield Hall, London. SocialCityLDN gathers together established and blossoming beauty and fashion bloggers in an [...]

News from Fingernails2Go Los Angeles

  Our next stop on the Fingernails2Go journey brings us to the beautiful surroundings of the West Coast of America. Located right in the heart of the world’s foremost social hub, Los [...]

News from Fingernails2go New Zealand

The start-up world is, as we all know, a fast moving environment. That sentiment is no less true for the team here at Fingernails2Go. As the profile of our innovative kiosk grows, so too does our [...]

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