10 DIY nail art tricks to try

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10 DIY nail art tricks to try

We’ve scoured the internet to find you the best DIY nail hacks to experiment with. Have fun!

1. Get the geometric look with sellotape

If you thought sellotape was just for wrapping presents think again!  Paint your nails with a base colour and let it dry.  Cut sellotape into fine strips and position on your nails as shown above or however you fancy.  Fill in the gaps with a contrasting colour, once dry you’ll have a trendy new look.

2. A marble-lous spoon trick

Mix your favourite colours together on a spoon and simply dip your nails in the beautiful mess. Clean up the edges with nail polish remover and you are ready to go.

3. A clever newspaper print

4. Penguin pointers

For a cute penguin look just paint a black base, allow to dry and carefully position some white circular shapes.  Wait for this second coat to dry and use a fine brush to add the final details.

5. Art attack

Apply a white first coat and allow it to dry.  Dip a small make-up brush in a bright colour, splatter the polish over your nails and leave them to dry, repeat with a different shade until you are happy with the look.  Don’t forget to clean up your fingers as this look will make a mess!

6. Stylish stripes

Make up brushes are great for lots of DIY looks.  Buy some cheap ones and enjoy trying some new ideas.  For this idea just paint your nails a pale pastel shade and allow them to dry before brushing a darker shade across your nails.

7. Travelling… nailed it!

This idea works just like the newspaper idea only this time try it with a map.

8. Release your inner mermaid

Paint your nails a pretty sea blue and allow the base to dry.  Paint a sponge in gradient shades of blue and green.  Secure a fine net around your finger tips and apply the wet sponge to each nail.

9. Create a metallic stone effect

A different look in minutes.  All you have to do is paint your nails a base colour and allow to dry.  Spread gold nail polish over a plastic bag and press on your nails.

10. The classic polka dot

No excuses for not trying this one, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with this simple DIY look.