13 nail hacks every girl should know

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1. Three strokes are all you need; We all have a tendency to over polish, which inevitably ends in waiting around for ages to dry our nails and eventually giving in to the idea of ‘perfect’ nails. By simply dipping the brush into the bottle and getting a decent sized bead of polish, start at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left and right and then down the centre.


2. Always use a base coat; It may take you a little more time but the results will mean your polish will have something to adhere to, making your polish last a couple of days longer. Also by applying a base coat, you will prevent your nails staining from pigmented paint.


3. Repurpose an old lip brush; Without fail, we have all accidently coloured the outside of our nail and went onto the skin. By using an old lip brush and dipping it into nail polish remover, you can have a precise clean up by gently swiping it around your nail bed. Who said we can’t strive for perfection?


4. Stay away from quick-dry nail polish; It’s typically dehydrating and can dry out your nails.


5. Use cuticle oil; Using cuticle oil instantly hydrates your nails and will help achieve that salon look effectively.


6. Hold your hands under cold water post-paint; Holding your hands under cold water or dipping your fingertips into ice water for a short time helps them dry faster.


7. Keep your paint in a cool, dry, dark place; Storing your nail polish in the fridge will help the formula last longer, especially since heat and sunlight can alter the thickness and colour.


8. Never shake your nail polish; Instead, roll it back and forth between your hands, holding the polish upright. This will ensure there are no air bubbles in polish or on your nails as you paint it on.


9. Only use clippers when you have a hangnail; This is the ONLY time you should be reaching for the cuticle clippers. As we all know, hangnails are inevitable, even if you use moisturiser often, and unfortunately the only way to get rid of them is to trim them away.


10. Never file your nails back and forth; Always stroke the file in one direction, otherwise it will tear the tip of your nail and leave it jagged. Filing your nails incorrectly can also lead to splitting, peeling, and breaking.


11. Stay away from hot water; Don’t do your nails and then do the dishes or jump into the shower. Hot water causes the nail bed to expand, forcing the polish to expand with it, typically causing it to crack in the process. A waste of our precious time ladies!


12. Use non-acetone nail polish remover; Non-acetone isn’t as drying to the nail, so if you have a problem with peeling or dry nails, you’ll want to use this formula, especially if you’re trying to strengthen your nails.


13. Always use a top coat; When you apply it, always swipe to the very tip of your nail, that way, you’ll be less likely to get chips.