Fingernails2Go Business Opportunity

FingerNails2Go is an innovative, fun and unique business opportunity that will generate a steady income stream. Nail Art is a huge growth industry with sales of over $7.4bn for nail services worldwide every year!

Start your own business.

Fingernails2Go is a very exciting opportunity for interested investors. Fingernails2Go have been operating and testing our digital nail art kiosks for a considerable time in retail environments and the returns have been excellent. We have developed, designed and manufactured a wonderful new digital nail art kiosk the C12, that will revolutionise the nail art industry – the most exciting nail art innovation to hit the market in years!

Quick, easy and fun to use, the machine is ideally suited for salons, transport hubs, shopping centres and kids entertainment complexes – this high profit, low overhead business is remarkably simple to operate and manage.


Become a distributor

There are many advantages to becoming an Exclusive Master Distributor and we have listed some of them below.

  • Exclusive right to operate the kiosks in your territory
  • Exclusive right to the Fingernails2Go brand in your territory
  • You will be offered the kiosks at a discounted price
  • You can operate the C12 kiosks yourself or you can sell the kiosks at a retail price
  • All leads generated in your territory by our advertising will be directed to you


To become a Master Distributor we would look at the territory that you are interested in and agree on an opening order of C12 kiosks for that area followed by a quarterly order over an agreed time frame. The size of this order will depend on a number of factors including:-

  • Population
  • Suitable locations
  • Demographics


Fingernails2Go do not charge a fee to secure a territory.

Nail Art in the spotlight

Everyone from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and Serena Williams get as much notice for their nail designs as they do for their dresses on the red carpet. Many people you might have thought of as conservative will now wear cute and trendy looks on their nails. As far as we can tell, there are somewhere in the area of 35,000 blogs dedicated to nails and nail art. There are 2.5 million monthly Google searches for the term “nail art”

Why Fingernails2Go?

Fingernails2Go is a new and exciting business that is targeted at tweens, teens and beyond. This unique concept has been developed to offer an impressive alternative for the younger generation which often consists of expensive, time consuming treatments.


There are hundreds of suitable locations in any city where the FingerNails2Go Digital Nail Art Kiosk will easily generate strong revenue. These include shopping centers, beauty salons, chemists, retail outlets, airports and many more. Just like our range of designs, the possibilities are endless.

Sales & Marketing Support

Fingernails2Go will provide you with everything you need to get up and running. Full training will be provided by our dedicated team to ensure you fully understand the kiosk and its many unique features.

Thinking of starting a business with Fingernails2Go?

The Fingernails2Go digital nail art kiosk is the ideal business opportunity with low overheads and a high percentage profit – with locations available nationwide, what are you waiting for?



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