Embrace Spring with these hot nail shades

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A shift in season sees the long awaited change in our wardrobe… shedding layers and reaching for items in this year’s most prominent colours. Of course embracing Spring doesn’t just end at our clothing. We find ourselves removing the dark, moody glosses from Winter and layering on punchy bright’s and sweet pastels instead onto our freshly manicured nails.

So what has Spring 2016 got in store? We will see shades of rose quartz and baby blue, this year’s Pantone colours, as well as shimmering tints including sparkling opal and the ever popular rose gold.


Juicy Grapefruit 

juicy grapefruit

Marshmallow Pink

marshmallow pink


Chalk white

Peach Sorbet

Peach sorbet

Periwinkle Blue

peri winkle blue

Rose Gold 

rose gold




Military Taupe 

military taupe

Soft Lilac 

soft lilac