Fingernails2Go: Introducing Your New Nail Artist

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A special shout out to @beautyhacks4all for this great write up on our exciting new product. Read the full post HERE

Finally, we are here with an amazing Nail art innovation. Today’s post is unique and of course it is very important for every nail art experts. Fingernails2Go is finally all set to present the world’s only fully compliant digital nail art printer in a collaboration with HP.

Highlights about Fingernails2Go Nail Art Printer

-Worlds only fully compliant and Hp approved Nail Art Printer
– Developed with industry leaders
– Intricate nail art printed in seconds
– No specialized training required

Fingernails2Go announces the arrival of their newest, fully compliant, nail art printer utilizing HP print mechanisms and cartridges, with the UK launch taking place at Olympia Beauty in London on the 29th of September.Belfast, UK:
Nail Art Printer: Fingernails2Go

Fingernails2Go: Where Technology meets Beauty

This latest all-in-one invention is designed to offer customers a truly unique and personalized nail art experience.  After seven years of R&D, leveraging HP Inkjet Printing Technology with NewVision, Fingernails2Go have launched their countertop printer.  This revolutionary invention in printing technology has been specifically designed for the beauty industry from hairdressers to nail salons and retailers.  Combining technology and beauty, the countertop printer has been described as a ground-breaking advancement for the industry.

What is a nail art printer?

Nail art printer is a tool which helps us to get the desired design printed on our nails within a second. It works as a basic printer that prints an image on the paper. But the thing that makes it totally unique is its working mechanism. This printer is very compact and easy to use. You just have to insert your finger and you are all set to go. This nail art printer will print your desired on your nails in no time.