Fingernails2Go Launches in Arndale Manchester

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On Saturday 8th April Fingernails2Go was proud to join UK distributors Nail Kiosks Ltd. and UK Operators Raaven Ltd. at Arndale Shopping Centre in Manchester for the launch of the UK’s first Fingernails2Go Digital Nail Art Kiosk.

The wonderful new instalment can be found on the bustling ground floor of the “Halle Square” section in the Arndale Centre. With an estimated annual footfall of approximately 42 million the kiosk experienced considerable interest and interaction from this abundance of passers-by.

The ever approachable Airyn and Leah from Raaven ensured all first time users enjoyed their experience and were then left to meander off into the labyrinth that is Manchester Arndale with glowing testimonies on the tips of their tongues.

With the terms of more locations around the UK already agreed upon, we can’t wait to see the hard work of Nail Kiosks Ltd. and Raaven Ltd. come to fruition as the Fingernails2Go Kiosks explode onto mall concourses around the UK.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled, Fingernails2Go could well be coming to a mall near you!