Get more customers into your store – and keep them there longer!

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The retail world has been turned upside down over the past few years. Major brands have disappeared as the power of the internet continues to disrupt the way that customers react to their needs and wants.

The challenge to retailers is to give people more reasons to visit the store. In the early stages of fashion retailing it was thought that people wouldn’t buy online because they couldn’t try things on. But it turned out that trying on at home, and returning if not happy was not a great barrier. Not for shoes either. The need to go to the store was not as strong.

The selection of stores was also impacted by the web. People research products and brands online, and once they find what they are looking for, they will head into town to go to that store. Of course they will look around and visit others, but the primary purchase is already decided before the car hits the street.

Cafes are now so common that how to select the one to take a rest in is often a matter of convenience. Can anyone tell the difference between Starbucks, Neros, Costa and the others that are on almost every street?

This brings us to the unique selling proposition. Is there something unique that you can put in your store that will both bring customers in and encourage them to stay for a while, allowing you to engage with them and bring them back again?


The FingerNails2Go Kiosk can give you a USP for your store. This new kiosk was the brainchild of the team at FingerNails2Go. They wanted to tap into the fast growing nail art market, and to deliver the best solution on the market. Teaming up with HP to make the nail printer, and with Tensator to build the kiosk, the Kiosk is now on the market.

This is something that you cannot buy online. A unique nail art experience that enables your customer to print directly onto their own nails any design of their choice from a selection on the kiosk, or that they have chosen themselves. This can be a photograph of their pet, their partner, their pop idol or a flower that they walked past this morning. Or they can choose to print onto a set of acrylic nails, and take away a number of designs to use over the next few weeks.

The printing process is quick, but once they come to the store they will take time to look at the design choices, get to know how to use the machine (it is simple and done once, you know how it works.)

The FingerNails2Go team are supporting the kiosks with marketing for each one on the website and digital channels. The customer will be able to share their nails with #FingerNails2Go. You can bring more customers to your shop with the exciting offer of great value nail design.

For retailers to bring people back to the store, they need to create experiences, things that customers can talk about, new exciting products. Fingernails2Go fits all of those and more.