History of Nail Art

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History of Nail Art

Ideas for the Future, From the past.

Guess what? The first people who we know for sure painted their nails were…Babylonian MEN!! They used different colours to show where they stood in society!
Egyptian women took this idea on board and from 5000 BC to 3000 BC used nail colours to indicate status. Queen Nefertiti wore bright red, which meant no other women could wear that colour. Rita Hayworth, the Holywood actress made bright red popular when she wore it in her movies.

By the time Cleopatra came along she was using a gold underlay with a rusty red on top. The first real art?

Meanwhile over in China royalty were using gold and silver colours to make sure everyone knew who they were (they didn’t have Facebook!).

Neon nail polish is technically illegal in the US, The FDA have not approved the polish, unlike Fingernails2Go which has full approval.

The Aztecs in loved eagles, the soaring birds being a symbol of power, so they had eagles painted on their fingernails. If you want you can have a bird of prey, or a Robin on your nails.

Not surprisingly it was in Paris that nail salons become popular. In the 1870s both men and women got their nails buffed, painted and polished.

As with a lot of things it was the Americans who made the next big steps. Cutex created the first liquid nail polish, Revlon started using pigments instead of dyes so more colours could be created. IN 1957 a dentist, Frederick Stack used acrylic and aluminium (pronounced in the US as alooominum) foil to develop and patent the first acrylic nail extensions.

The 20th Century has seen lots of developments, with new colours and ways to paint nails, but with Fingernails2Go we are taking nail art into the 21st Century with a mix of technology, art and fashion. When the history is updated, you will be part of it when you share your nails photos on your social media channels.