How To Choose Nails To Match Your Personality?

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Having your style in everything you do, wear, eat or try out is natural. But knowing which style suits you more and which one is just to let go of is something you need to work on.

Having fun nails that suit your personality type and surroundings will always be in your favor. Let us find out how to choose nails to match your personality.

What styles can I keep for my nails according to my personality?

There’s been a drastic change in the shapes of nails that people like having for themselves. Traditionally there were only a few choices, and it was a lot easier to pick which one should be worn.

But now, the number of beautiful nail shapes and designs has expanded greatly. We have more options than we know what to do with, from stiletto to coffin or sophisticated almond to the very popular squoval.

Your nail shape also has a perfect way of showing your personality and style. We have a lot of different shapes as suggestions that you can choose for yourself.

Guidelines on how to choose nail shapes?

  • First, get introduced to the different nail shapes, including the round, square, almond, oval, coffin, etc.
  • Consider your finger shape, nail bed width, and nail length to find the ideal nail shape.
  • If you keep the nails short, pick between square and the round shapes
  • If you have medium or long nails, almond, oval, and coffin shapes will go best for you
  • Use the elongating nail shapes that include coffin, oval, almond to lengthen and also slenderise short and wide fingers
  • Ladies with long and slender figures, pick a square nail shape for a flattering effect

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Nail Shapes?

Coffin nails are the most loved and most popular style for making a loud statement. They are elegant, long, and perfect for decorating in many ways because of their shape and length. If you are after a less detailed option, then almond nails are very popular. While they may make a statement, the shape is also a little more functional and an easier choice for everyday wear.


What Nail Shape Is The Easiest For Typing?

Shorter length square and round nails are the easiest shape nails to use in typing. There are a lot less likely to hit the other keys and chip, and they won’t make as much noise while you type, which can be great if you are in open-plan offices.

Having acrylic nails is on the rise these days, and many people love having such nails in their daily lives. These nails can be in any shape, such as square nails, round nails, almond-shaped nails, acrylic nails, short square acrylic nails, etc. you can always go on with trying any style that suits you and make it a big thing for you on your big days or your daily everyday life.