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Korean Skincare Routine Explained

Thirst For Korean’s “Glass Skin”

The Koreans sure do have their skincare regime down to a tee so we’re borrowing their tips to a flawless complexion.

We are so caught up on “covering” up our natural features and buying products that conceal and hide “imperfections” that we forget to spend time to look after what’s underneath, our skin.  Korean’s skincare regime might be about 10 steps long, yes, that’s right, not the basic 3 steps but 10!  However the results are worth it and this is how they achieve their ‘glass’ like skin – poreless and naturally dewy.

Steps to clearer skin

Step 1

Makeup remover/Oil based cleanser  

An oil-based cleanser draws out other oil-based impurities like sebum in the skin.

Step 2

Facial cleanser  

This second phase of cleansing helps to draw out water-based debris such as sweat and dirt that the oil-based cleanser couldn’t quite reach – hence double cleansing.

                                  Step 3


                               Depending on your skin it’s extremely important to choose the right exfoliator that is appropriate for your skin type because it involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells.

Step 4


Toner actually balances out the skins PH levels and also removes any cleansing residue left behind.

Step 5


The hybrid between a toner and a serum and the ultimate hydration product.  An essential part in Korean’s skincare, it preps the skin for the next steps and allows the next product to penetrate the skin even more.

                                                                      Step 6


Great for targeting specific problem areas on the face, they contain concentrated formulas of active ingredients.  Your skins texture will improve dramatically and feel refreshed and hydrated in an instant.

      Step 7

                                                   Sheet Masks 

                                           Koreans swear by the benefits of sheet masks, they practically infuse your skin with concentrated essences.

                                                 Step 8  

                                                 Eye cream 

                                   The skin around the eyes are at its thinnest so it is extremely important to make sure you use an eye cream that is suitable for the skin around that area, keeping them hydrated and protected throughout the day and night.

Step 9


This is the most effective way to prevent premature ageing but there are also everyday invisible rays that we need to protect our skin from even when it’s not coming directly from the sun.

Step 10


We all know about moisturiser, smoothing out those fine lines and wrinkles and giving the face an extra barrier to plump up the skin.



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