Movie Inspired Nail Art

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It’s the perfect time of year for a night in with movies, munchies and pampering.  We’ve been inspired by the release of the Hunger Games finale and put together the best movie nails we can find.

Use these ideas on your night in or create your own for your favourite movie.  Don’t forget to share with us using the hashtag #Fingernails2go for a chance to feature on our site.

Fingernails2Go kiosks are coming to a town near you very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled! You’ll be able to get any design you want printed onto your nails in minutes.  Ahead of the next big movie release you could even get pictures of your favourite actor on your nails!



frozen nail art

Photo credit: Eyesfacenails & Kelsiesnailfiles

Hunger Games

hunger games nail art

Photo credit: weheartit & bellasugar


disney nail art

Photo credit: buzzfeed & bloglovin

Star Wars

starwars nail art

Photo credit: ink361 & clickypix


Batman nail art

Photo credit: iconosquare & media-cache


Minons nail art

Photo credit: babble & amazingnailart

The Fault In Our Stars

fault in our stars nail art

Photo credit: ink361 & cuded

Peter Pan

Peter Pan nail art

Photo credit Pinterest & Pinterest

Toy Story

Toy Story nail art

Photo credit: iconosquare & Pinterest

Harry Potter

Harry Potter nail art

Photo credit: boholoco & popsugar