News from Fingernails2Go Los Angeles

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Our next stop on the Fingernails2Go journey brings us to the beautiful surroundings of the West Coast of America. Located right in the heart of the world’s foremost social hub, Los Angeles, Dani Pour Shahbazi of Leo Concept LLC has been carefully laying down the foundations for what promises to be a scalable and prosperous business.

The images above show what a dedicated and inspired individual can achieve with Fingernails2Go. An impressively functional design, coupled with the beauty and finesse associated with Los Angeles’ most fashionable inhabitants, makes this one of our proudest set-ups.

The creativity and diligence of Dani Pour Shahbazi has facilitated a seamless launch and we have no doubt that the patrons of Brea Mall – Simon Group will not be able to ignore the presence of this fascinating new installation.

Dani’s launch is still in its infancy but initial signs are good. We will be sure to circle back around to the west coast to see how one of the fashion capitals of the world responds to this unique fashion accessory.